Get help from your Google Assistant in Chrome on mobile websites

Google Assistant in Chrome (powered by Duplex on the web) can make checking out on certain websites easier and faster.

It works for guest checkouts and if you're already logged into a non-Google website in Chrome.

For now, you can make purchases with your Google Assistant in Chrome if you use credit card information already saved in Chrome Autofill or enter the information as you check out. If you want to use gift cards, coupons, or memberships, close your Google Assistant in Chrome and make a purchase on the website as you normally would.

How it works

If you’re using your Google Assistant or you’re on a Google App Search results page, you'll see “Buy Tickets” on websites that can use Google Assistant in Chrome. For example, if you ask your Google Assistant for movie showtimes near you, you'll get a list movie titles. You can tap Buy Tickets on supported websites that sell movie tickets.

You’ll need to answer a few questions, like how many movie tickets you want, so your Google Assistant can help you. You must accept any Terms and Conditions or cookie notifications.

If your Google Assistant doesn’t work with the website you’re using, you can still use the website as you normally would.

Information shared with non-Google websites

Your Google Assistant in Chrome shares information with non-Google websites by filling out online forms and submitting them on your behalf. To do this, it uses Chrome Autofill information. You choose the information you would like to use for your purchase in the checkout flow. After you tap Continue, your Google Assistant in Chrome will send the information from Chrome Autofill or the information you entered directly into the form to the non-Google website.

The information collected for form filling from Chrome Autofill is limited to the fields required by the website for a successful transaction. It typically consists of:

  • Contact and payment information:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Credit card information
  • Information needed for the transaction. For example, to purchase movie tickets, required information includes:
    • Number of adult, child, or senior tickets
    • Seat selections
    • Location
    • Showtime

If you make any changes to information provided by Chrome Autofill, like your contact info or credit card details, it can be updated in Chrome Autofill with your consent. Learn how to manage or turn off Chrome Autofill in Chrome Settings.

Account restrictions

Google Accounts for Children: Google Assistant in Chrome won’t work with a Google Account for Children. If you make purchases on behalf of your child, you’re responsible for complying with the age requirements and limitations related to the purchase for the specific country and region.

G-Suite Enterprise accounts: Google Assistant in Chrome won’t work with school or work accounts.

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