Find and make recipes with your Google Assistant device

You can cook a dish using step-by-step cooking instructions from your Google Assistant.

Important: Some features aren't available in all languages, countries, or eligible Android devices.
Important: The languages you can use depend on the device. Learn which languages work on your device.

Step 1: Find a recipe

Search for a recipe by asking the Google Assistant.

Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google," then:

  • "Find me a [food] recipe."
  • "I want to make [food]."
  • "How do I make [food]?"

On Smart Displays, if you see a recipe you want to make later, you can say “Save this recipe.” To see your saved recipes, say “Show me my cookbook.” 

You may see personalized recipe recommendations. To stop getting recipe recommendations, turn off personal results.

Browse recommendations for you

On Smart Displays, you can get recipe recommendations based on your Web & App Activity in other Google products. If you don’t want to get recipe recommendations, learn how to manage personal results on your shared devices.

To hide a recommendation or edit your dietary preferences, tap Description Description.


Find and control activity on your account

You can edit your account activity at any time. Learn how to view and control activity on your account.

Step 2: Start cooking

After choosing a recipe, say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" then:

  • "Start recipe."
  • "Start cooking."

Tip: On a Smart Display, you can also tap the screen to start the recipe and move through the steps.

Step 3: Get help while cooking

You can ask the Google Assistant for different types of info while you make your dish.

Follow the recipe’s steps

Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" then:

  • "Next step."
  • "Previous step."
  • "Repeat step."
  • "What is step [number]?"
  • "Go to step [number]."
Get recipe ingredient info

Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" then:

  • "Repeat ingredient."
  • "What’s the next ingredient?"
  • "How much [ingredient]?"
  • "How much [ingredient] in teaspoons?"
Get info about the recipe

Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" then:

  • "What’s the total cook time?"
  • "How many calories?"
  • "How many people does this recipe serve?"
Get help cooking

Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" then:

  • "How do I cream sugar and butter?"
  • "Can I replace baking soda with baking powder?"
  • "Set a timer for [time]."
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