What you can ask your Google Assistant on Android TV

To start a conversation, press the microphone on your remote.

For ideas about what your Assistant can help with, ask "What can you do?"

Examples of what you can ask

Watch TV

  • Movies & TV shows: Play Stranger Things on Netflix.
  • Video clips: Play cat videos.
  • Apps: Open YouTube.
  • Search: Search for sitcoms.
  • Info: Tell me about Game of Thrones.


  • Playback: Pause. Stop. Resume.
  • Volume: Louder. Softer.
  • Power: Turn off.

Play music, news, or podcasts

  • Music: Play music by Sia. (Learn how to choose your music service provider.)
  • Podcasts: Play the latest episode from This American Life.
  • News: Play the news. What’s the latest news from BBC?

Ask Google

  • Sports: How did the Patriots do? When is the next Warriors game?
  • Calculations: What’s 20% of 80?
  • Dictionary: What does "ludic" mean?
  • Find answers: How far away is the moon? How do you remove stains in a rug?
  • Unit conversions: How many teaspoons in a cup?
  • Translations: How do you say "nice to meet you" in Korean?

Plan your day

  • Calendar: What’s on my agenda? Tell me about my day.
  • Clock: What time is it?
  • Traffic: How long will it take to get to work? How’s the traffic on the 89 freeway?

Get local info

  • Weather: What’s the weather today?
  • Business info: When is Cascal open? What is Cascal’s phone number?
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