Choose what to share with your Google Assistant

When you set up your Google Assistant, you’ll be asked to give your Assistant permission to help you.

What you’ll be asked to share

Your Assistant asks for info stored in your Google Account, including your:

  • Web and app activity, which includes your searches, Chrome history, and content you browse on the web and in apps. This info helps your Assistant provide better results and suggestions.
  • Device information, which includes your contacts, calendar, and apps, so your Assistant can help with tasks like call a friend or play your favorite music.
  • Voice and audio activity, which records your voice and audio input to improve speech recognition. 

When you turn on these settings, you turn them on for your Assistant and other Google services you use.

What else you can share

You can let your Assistant see other information for responses that are more tailored to you. The permissions you can give change depending on the device you’re using, and can include:

  • What’s on your screen. On some devices, like phones and laptops, you can ask your Assistant to show you info related to what’s on your screen. For example, if there’s a movie title on your screen, you can find info about the cast members.
  • Voice match, which lets your Assistant and the Google app recognize your voice. When this setting is on:
    • Multiple people can enroll on shared devices
    • Your Assistant can use your voice to access your personal results like calendar (if you turn on the Personal Results setting)

Delete your Google Assistant activity

If your Assistant has access to your Google Account and your Web & App Activity is turned on, your interactions with your Assistant will be saved to your account’s My Activity page. Learn how to delete your Google Assistant activity any time.

Common questions

How does Google use my information?

We use data to make our services, like the Google Assistant, more useful to you. You can learn more at Google's Privacy Policy page.

Are my interactions with the Google Assistant used to improve it?

We'll continue to improve the usefulness of the Google Assistant over time, and part of this is through learning from past activity with the Google Assistant.

Does Google use my interactions with the Google Assistant to personalize ads I see?

If you interact with the Google Assistant, we treat this similarly to searching on Google and may use these interactions to deliver more useful ads. You can delete past interactions with your Assistant at any time.

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