Use Google Assistant to summarize messages on Android Auto

You can receive message summaries of long messages on your Assistant-enabled Android device.

This feature isn't available for all devices, regions, countries, and languages.

Opt in for summaries


  • Artificial intelligence generates your message summaries, so there could be mistakes. You can turn this off any time in Android Auto settings.
  • Assistant doesn’t log messages or summaries, and the interactions aren’t used to train the Large Language Model (LLM).
    1. To manually opt in to receive message summaries, at the bottom left, tap Settings Settings.
    2. To receive message summaries of your messages, in “Settings,” under “Notifications,” turn on Message Summary.

Tip: You can also opt in for message summaries the first time the feature is used.

Opt in the first time you use Message Summary

The first time that the user receives a message that meets Message Summary requirements (over 40 words), Assistant plays a request for approval to summarize.

  1. To give permission, say “Yes.”
    • The summary is played, and the flow continues.
  2. To deny permission, say “No” or cancel while the opt in message is being played.
    • The feature is disabled. You can reactivate it in settings on the phone and Android Auto.
    • Assistant plays the full message.

What messages are summarized

If there’s only one long message or multiple messages from the same sender or the group, the messages are summarized automatically when you tap Play aloud. Otherwise, the Assistant reads the message without summarization. If there are multiple conversations from different senders or apps, the Assistant reads them one by one.

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