Shopping Lists & Notes are moving to Google Keep

Your Shopping List and Assistant Notes and Lists are now saved in Google Keep. Your notes and lists will move automatically, with no action required on your part. After the move, Keep will include both Shopping List and Assistant Notes.

Important: Some of your data might not be moved, including:

  • Family notes in your account created on Smart Displays. Some lists or notes that are too large for Google Keep, like:
    • Notes or lists with titles longer than 999 characters
    • Notes longer than 19,999 characters
    • Lists with more than 999 items
    • Lists with any item longer than 999 characters
    • Lists shared with more than 49 people
  • Any data that can't be moved will be available for download through Google Takeout until 1st May, 2024, after which it'll be automatically deleted from Google servers.
How do I access migrated data?
To view your notes and lists, go to Google Keep. You can download the Google Keep App on the Android Play Store or Apple App Store. Notes and lists that were moved from Shopping List or Assistant will have a chip to identify them.
How do I find data that wasn't moved?
You can download your notes and lists from Google Takeout. Data will be available for download until 1st May, 2024, after which it'll be automatically deleted from Google servers.
Why does it say “Your notes and lists are being transferred to Google Keep” on Shopping List?
This means your data is currently in the process of being moved. The transfer should take a few minutes. However, for some users, it might take a few hours. Any notes or lists will be visible in Google Keep as soon as they transfer.
How do I use Google Assistant to update lists & notes in Google Keep?

During the transition, Google Assistant might not be able to find your notes and lists stored with your Assistant. After the migration, you'll need to give Google Assistant permission to access your data stored in Google Keep for voice queries to work with Google Keep. This will allow you to use Google Assistant to create, update, and delete your notes and lists. To do that:

  1. On your mobile device, open the Google Assistant settings.
    • For iOS: At the top right, tap Profile.
    • For Android: Open Assistant settings using voice commands.
  1. Scroll down and then tap Notes & Lists.
  2. Under "Select your notes & lists provider," choose Google Keep.
Tip: To select Google Keep as their Notes and Lists provider, Google Workspace users need permission from their Workspace Administrator.
How will I know when my info will move?
Google Shopping List will redirect to Google Keep. You can check whether you've been migrated by visiting the Shopping List page. This page will update to inform you once the migration is complete.
Why don't I see any notes or lists on the Google Takeout page?
If all your data was successfully moved to Google Keep, you might not find Shopping Lists or Assistant Notes and Lists in your Google Takeout. If you're a Google Workspace user, your Workspace Administrator may have disabled Google Takeout for Shopping List or Assistant Notes and Lists.
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