Use Google Assistant to summarize web pages

Get a brief overview of web content with Generative AI-powered summaries created by Google Assistant.

Important: Assistant Summarize overviews aren't meant to take the place of professional advice, including financial, legal, or medical advice. Since summaries are created with Generative AI, quality varies and it may not represent Google’s points of view.

What you need

  • A Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro: Summarize is currently only available on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in English in the US.
  • A personal Google Account that you manage on your own: For now, Summarize isn't available for Google Workspace accounts, including Google Workspace for Education accounts, or accounts for anyone under 18.
  • Set to English the Google Assistant: Your Assistant can only create summaries in English, and it can only summarize content written in English.

Use Google Assistant to summarize a web page

To get your Assistant to create an overview of online content:

  1. Open a webpage in Google Chrome or the Google app, then say “Hey Google” or activate your Assistant.
  2. On your screen, tap Summarize or say “Summarize this.”
  3. On your screen, Google Assistant will create a short overview.

Tip: Some webpages, like articles for subscribers only, can’t be summarized.

Give feedback about a summary

Assistant Summarize takes steps to filter out sensitive results like pornography, violence, and hate speech. If you get a summary that you feel is unsafe, not helpful, inaccurate, or bad for any other reason, you can let us know by submitting feedback. Your feedback will help this experience improve.

  1. At the bottom of the summary:
    • If the summary is helpful, tap Thumbs up.
    • If the summary needs improvement, tap Thumbs down.
  2. If you select Needs Improvement Thumbs down, choose a reason and enter any additional feedback.
  3. Tap Submit.

You can also learn how to submit a legal removal request.

When Assistant won’t create a summary

In addition to filtering out certain sensitive info, Assistant Summarize doesn’t return an overview on webpages that:

  • Have been marked by the publisher as “not accessible for free.”
  • Aren't indexed by Google.
  • Aren't in English.
  • Are 200 words or fewer.

Tip: Extra-sensitive categories of information in the health space may not be summarized.

Site publisher troubleshooting

If you, as a Publisher, don't want Assistant to summarize paywalled articles from your website, we recommend that you add isAccessibleForFree=False markup for paywalled pages. Learn more about how to apply this markup.

Tip: If Google Assistant summarizes correctly marked up content in error, at the bottom of the summary, tap Thumbs down and then submit a legal removal request.

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