How to get Google Assistant to take action

To respond to your requests, Google Assistant uses the best available device. For example, if you ask Assistant to "play music," it’s likely that a speaker will start to play music instead of your phone because it provides the best audio.

It’s not always easy for Assistant to decide which device should respond to your request. To make sure your preferred device responds:

  • Device placement: Check that your devices are at least 8 feet apart.
  • Say device name: For some actions, you can say the device you’d like to use. For example, "Hey Google, play music on bedroom speaker" or "Ok Google, turn on lights in the kitchen."
  • Target certain devices: Depending on the type of device, there are ways to show Assistant which device you intend to use for your request. Sometimes it helps to move closer to the device.
    • Pixel Watch: Raise or move your wrist.
    • Nest Hub Max: If granted the right permissions, look at the device while you ask Assistant.
    • Phone & Tablet: Make sure the screen faces up.
  • Remotely control timers, alarms, and media: It’s possible to control ongoing timers, alarms and media on other devices through a device closer to you. For example, if you want to stop a ringing alarm in your bedroom from your living room, say "Hey Google, stop alarm" and the device closest to you will stop the ringing alarm.

Help Google improve future behavior

To provide a better experience, Google Assistant uses your feedback.

Assistant notifications

We regularly send push notifications to ask for your feedback. If you receive a notification, share your feedback to help improve Google Assistant.

Send feedback on the Google Home app

  1. Open the Google Home app Google Home.
  2. At the top right, tap your Profile icon.
  3. Select Help & Feedback and then the type of device you'd like to submit feedback for.
  4. Tap Send feedback and then the device you'd like to submit feedback for.
  5. Enter a brief description of your issue.
  6. Check the box for Screenshot and System logs.
  7. At the top right, tap Send Send.

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