How personalized speech recognition is built to keep your Google Assistant interactions private

To make interactions with Google Assistant more natural and helpful, we are constantly improving our speech recognition models. Personalized speech recognition helps Google Assistant get better at recognizing your unique speaking style, words, and phrases.

How personalized speech recognition works


Personalized speech recognition on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro works by saving your Google Assistant interactions, including corrections and audio recordings, securely on device to learn the words and phrases that matter to you. For example, you might correct an acronym when you ask Google Assistant something, or select a suggested alternative for the name of a place when using the Assistant to navigate.

With personalized speech recognition turned on, Google Assistant will use your interactions to learn and improve over time and across contexts. When you interact with Google Assistant, personalized speech recognition helps your Assistant get smarter and more personalized to you over time.

How we protect your data

Personalized speech recognition helps Google Assistant learn your unique speaking style over repeated interactions to get better over time, which is why your interactions are stored on-device for a short time. This means that the more you interact with Assistant, the better it will become at recognizing your speaking style.

Your interactions with Google Assistant can include the audio, recognized text, and any corrections you make from voice and typed queries. Our personalized speech recognition technology learns from all these aspects on-device and makes it so Google Assistant is able to adjust to your speaking style.

You’re in control

To opt out of saving your Assistant interactions on-device for personalized speech recognition:

  1. On your Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro, say, “Hey Google, open Assistant Settings” or go to Settings and then Apps & Notifications and then Assistant.
  2. Tap See all Assistant settings and then You and then Your speech recognition.
  3. Turn Personalized speech recognition off or on.


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