Find info from Snapshot in other Google products

Snapshot is no longer available, but you can still find updates in other Google Assistant products and features.

Calendar events

You can ask Google Assistant for upcoming events on your calendar and any shared calendars you use. Just say “Hey Google, what’s on my calendar today?” You can also add calendar updates to a routine to get event reminders. Learn how to use your calendar with Assistant.

Birthday reminders

If you add someone's birthday in Assistant settings, you can ask Google Assistant when their birthday is and get birthday notifications for that person. Learn how to add birthdays in Assistant settings.

Stock info

You can find individual stocks or your whole portfolio at Google Finance.

Flight & hotel details

When you get a travel confirmation in your Gmail, travel details are automatically added to your Calendar. You can also ask Google Assistant for travel updates. Just say "Hey Google, when is my upcoming flight?" You can find past and upcoming trip info on Google Travel.

Sports scores & team info

You can ask Google Assistant for sports updates like current game scores, tournament standings, and league stats. 

Weather updates

You can ask Google Assistant for weather updates any time. Just say, “Hey Google, what’s the weather?” You can also add updates to a routine. Learn how to add or edit a routine.

Shopping lists

You can ask Google Assistant to start a new list or add items. Just say "Hey Google, start a grocery list" or explore more commands.

Other info

You can still set reminders, create routines, and control family features with Assistant.

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