Hear messages while you drive with Google Assistant

With auto read, you can hear and respond to new messages as they come in. When your drive ends, auto read turns off until your next drive.

Important: This feature is available in English for the following countries:

  • Australia
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Hear messages automatically

Important: To hear your messages automatically, you must turn on notifications for the Google app.

  1. Before you start to drive, turn on Google Assistant driving mode.
  2. Say “Hey Google, turn on auto read.”
  3. When you get a new message, Google Assistant reads it.
    • When Google Assistant reads your messages, any other media pauses then resumes.
  4. When your drive ends, auto read turns off until your next drive.

Respond to messages

  1. After Google Assistant reads a message, say “Hey Google, reply.”
  2. Say your message.
  3. Google Assistant confirms the message with you and sends it.

Learn more about how to send messages with Assistant.

Turn auto read on or off

  • To stop: Say “Turn off auto read” or “Stop reading my messages.”
  • To resume: Say “Turn on auto read."

Tip: Auto read pauses sometimes, like when you’re on a call or when Maps gives directions.

What Google Assistant reads

  • New messages from your contacts
    • Skips messages from unknown senders
    • Asks before it reads long messages
  • New messages from group conversations

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