Create & manage Family Notes

Important: For now, this feature isn't available in all languages or countries.

To quickly and easily share thoughts and tasks with others in your household, create Family Notes on your Smart Display. Family Notes reduce the clutter of paper sticky notes and let you leave notes for anyone at home, like roommates, guests, and family members.

When you create a Family Note on a Smart Display that belongs to a home, the note is visible on all Smart Displays in the same home. Learn how to share a home and devices in the Google Home app.

If you have a Google Family Group setup, Family Notes won’t be automatically shared with other users in the group unless they view them on your Smart Displays.

Create a Family Note

Important: Family Notes are only available on Smart Displays.

  1. Say “Hey Google.”
  2. Say a command. For example, “Create a Family Note” or “Leave a Family Note that we're out of toothpaste.”

How Family Notes work

Once a Family Note is created, it sticks on the ambient screen on all your Smart Displays in the same home for 24 hours. After that, it will show up on your My Day page on your Smart Displays. 

Anyone at home can view, create, and delete Family Notes.

Find your Family Notes

  1. Say “Hey Google.”
  2. Say a command. For example, “Show me my Family Notes” or “Show all Family Notes.”

Delete Family Notes

To delete Family Notes, you can either:
  • Say “Hey Google, delete Family Notes.”
  • At the bottom of a note, tap Delete Delete.
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