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When you call a toll-free number and you’re put on hold, you can choose to let your Google Assistant wait on hold for you and notify you when the support representative is ready to speak with you. After your call, you can share your audio and transcript to help improve Hold for Me. Learn how Hold for Me keeps your audio data secure.

What you need

Hold for Me only works on Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a (5G) devices in the U.S. You need the latest version of the Phone app to use Hold for Me, and it is only available in English.

Turn the setting on or off

Important: Once the setting is on, you also have to turn on Hold for Me with each call to let the Google Assistant wait on hold for you. Learn how to turn on Hold for Me during a call.

  1. Open the Phone app .
  2. Tap More and then Settings.
  3. Tap Hold for Me.
  4. Turn Hold for Me on or off.

Turn on Hold for Me when you’re on a call


  • Hold for Me may not detect when the representative returns to the call in every situation. 
  • You can’t play music or other audio when Hold For Me is active.
  1. Take your phone off silent or vibrate only.
  2. Open the Phone app .
  3. Place a call to a toll-free number. 
  4. When you’re placed on hold, tap Hold for me and then Start
  5. While you’re on hold, you’ll find a card on the screen that says “Don’t hang up”.
  6. When the support representative is ready to speak with you, a prompt will display “Someone’s waiting to talk to you.” 
  7. Tap Return to call.

Share data from your call

Important: Once you send your data, it can’t be undone.

  1. Open the Phone app .
  2. At the bottom, tap Recents.
  3. Beneath the call log entry, tap Help us improve and then Yes, continue and then Continue
  4. If you’d like to leave feedback, type it into the text box.
  5. Tap Send .

Tip: To share your data without any identifiers linked to you, on the Send Feedback screen, next to the “From” field, tap the down arrow and then Google user.

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