Sync Tables -> Sheets with IMPORTDATA()

We do not support a native way to sync changes in Sheets back to Tables at this time, although you can use our Apps Script service to do this yourself. Here's a related example using Apps Script that adds new rows to Tables when a row is filled out in Sheets.

You have two ways to help you get your data into Sheets:

  1. You can export to Sheets from the “gear icon” settings menu.

  2. You can generate a CSV link to let you automatically pull data from Tables into Sheets, by using the "CSV Link Sharing" option in the table menu, enabling the CSV link, and copying the link or formula to paste into Sheets:

More on CSV Links

This url is published to allow Sheets and other similar 3rd party apps to pull in and refresh data from a table in Tables, so some collaborators can continue to use Tables, while other collaborators can use Sheets to do analysis, summarization, and reporting.

Sheets will update the data automatically at up to 1 hour intervals, using the IMPORTDATA() function, which is very similar to IMPORTRANGE(). To force a refresh of the data synced into Sheets, you can go to the cell in Sheets which has the formula, delete it, and then undo the change.

Note: this CSV link is randomly generated so it is very hard to discover, but it is public, so anyone who has the link is able to get a plain text CSV copy of all the data in that table. At any point, you can turn off the CSV link, and if you turn it on again, it generates a new link for security purposes.

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