How to save views

How do I create a new view?

You can create a view with a combination of layout, filter, sort, and group selections. This gives you and your collaborators the flexibility to visualize and work with your data, in whichever way you prefer.

Each table starts with an initial view created for you, named "Saved View 1"but you can fully customize and save your own views as well!

Changing & updating the view config

When you change the layout, grouping, filtering, sorting, or other options for a view, an orange dot will appear, indicating that a change has been made. Changes to view configs don’t affect other users until you save them. This allows you to temporarily slice and dice data as needed without fear of disrupting your collaborators.

After changing a view config, you can open the view selector to update the view you changed with the latest settings, or save your current configuration as a new view. Anyone who has view access to the table can also access any of the custom views created, and any table editors can also edit those views.

Setting the default view

The first view in the view menu is the default view, which will be the view users first land on if they open the table. You can change the default by reordering views to the top of the list via drag ‘n’ drop, or you can select “Make default” option in the overflow menu.


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