Collecting form submitter, limiting/editing responses

These special settings for the form allow you to apply more advanced rules for how people can use your forms:

Collect account information for submissions (requires sign-in)

This is similar to the setting in Google Forms that automatically collects email addresses for users with Google accounts. In Tables, we collect the submitter's Google account information and surface it in the "Creator" type column which shows the profile chip of the user who created the row in the table.

To support this functionality, we will require users to sign in with a Google account before they are able to see and fill out the form.

Restrict to one form submission per user This restricts submitters to only submitting one response for the form. To be able to check whether a previous submission already exists, we need to be able to collect and check the submitter's account information, and so this feature requires users to sign in as well.
Allow users to edit responses This allows form submitters to edit their previous responses, and will show users a list of their previous responses that they can edit. Similarly, to know which past responses are available for the user to edit, we need to be able to collect and check the submitter's account information, which requires users to sign in.


When you save the form, we disallow you from modifying the “require sign-in” settings (collect account info, limit/edit responses) to avoid changing the form URL on your users. We are looking to address this and improve on the flow in the future.


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