Tiers, limits, pricing


Note: Tables does NOT require you to buy a license for every seat in your domain, and table limits are based on the owner of the table. This offers you the flexibility to upgrade individuals who need more capacity to build and/or modify tables/workspaces, while allowing individuals who want to collaborate (e.g. view, comment, edit) to remain on a free plan.

Free Paid ($10 / user / month)
100 tables 1,000 tables
1,000 rows per table 10,000 rows per table
1GB of attachments per table 10GB of attachments per table
100 bot actions per table (per month) 5,000 bot actions per table (per month)
Change history 1 week Change history 12 weeks
Views 5 per table Views 20 per table
Bots 2 per table Bots 20 per table
Forms 1 per table Forms 20 per table

Try our paid plan for 3 months free! 

At this time, we are offering a 3 month free trial for our paid plan. After our beta period has ended, we will continue to offer a free version of Tables with limits, as well as a paid version of Tables.

Existing Google Workspace customers (formerly known as G Suite), may be eligible to receive a discount for our Paid version.

Other product limits

Within the product, we have these standard limits regardless of which tier you are part of:

  • You can create unlimited workspaces.
  • Each workspace can have up to 20 tables (you can move tables between workspaces).
  • Each table can have up to 100 columns.
  • Each column name can have up to 100 characters.
  • Dropdown and Tag-type columns can have up to 100 options.
  • Each text cell can store up to 50,000 characters.
  • Each bot can fire up to 100 times per hour (learn more).
  • Imports are limited to 30MB files.