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Integrating with Apps Script

You can directly access and call the Tables API from Apps Script, the Tables service allows scripts to read and edit rows within Google Tables programmatically.

You can also execute Apps Script functions to run custom logic with our Apps Script bot action, which can trigger on events and interactions within the table.

Note: Apps Script may be disabled for some organizations. Contact your admin for access issues.

Tables API service & documentation

This is an advanced service that must be enabled before use.

Apps Script developer documentation and sample code:

Enabling the Tables service in Apps Script

You will need to add the Area120 Tables API service to enable the Area120Tables.Tables javascript bean to be able to call the Tables API and create/update/delete rows.

To enable the Tables service in Apps Script, click on the "+" next to the Services section of the left sidebar, find the Area120 Tables API service, and click "Add".

Calling the Tables API in Apps Script

Now you can call the API to create/update/delete rows within a table (need to use the table ID). See the Apps Script reference for the Tables service for more details:


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