Define your team membership

Define your team membership based on the following:

  • Google Workspace organization - All users in a Google Workspace account, regardless of organizational unit, domain, or group, are team members. 
  • Private domain - All users in a private domain (such as Note: Only private domains are supported at this time; adding a public domain to a team is not supported.
  • Google Group - Users in a Google Group within your organization are team members.
    Note: To define your team membership using a Google Group, you must have:
    • Team root permissions
    • An auth domain that has permissions to list Google Groups and Google Group members

Define your team membership as described in the following sections:

Define team membership using a Google Workspace organization or private domain

If your team membership is defined using a Google Workspace organization or private domain, it will be set up automatically for you and at least one user will be assigned as team root. No further action is required.

Define team membership using a Google group

Each team must have at least one user assigned as team root. When you create a new team, your account is automatically moved to the new team and assigned as team root. If you are the only team root account on the existing team, before you define a new team you need to contact support and request a second user be assigned as team root. Otherwise, you will be prevented from defining a new team and the following message will be displayed: 

Creating a new team is not allowed because it would leave your current team without a root user.

When connecting to a Google group in your organization, AppSheet uses the group ID and not the group name. If the group ID changes for any reason (for example, if you delete and recreate the Google group), this connection will need to be reconfigured. See Connect AppSheet to the groups in your organization.

To define team membership using a Google Group:

  1. Sign in to AppSheet.
  2. Select My team in the account profile drop-down.
  3. Click the Members tab.
  4. Click Manage Team.
  5. Select Create team from group.
  6. Select your Auth Domain (or add a new source).
    Note: You must select an auth domain that you have added. If you select a team-shared auth domain that you don't own, the following error is displayed: Failed to retrieve groups
  7. Select the Google Group from the list of available groups.
  8. Click See Team Changes.
  9. Confirm the team changes.
  10. Click Create and update memberships.

Troubleshoot issues with team membership 

Why is a team member not able to see their team after signing in to AppSheet?

When defining team membership using a Google group, if there are members of your team that aren't also in the Google group, then the auth domain used to create the team must be set as the default auth domain for the team. See Share integrations with your team.

Make team default

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