View team member details

To view team member details:

  1. Sign in to AppSheet.
  2. Select My team in the account profile drop-down.
  3. Click the Members tab.
  4. Expand the panel for a team member.
  5. Click Details.

The Team Dashboard: User View is displayed, as shown below.

View team member details

View the following details for a team member:

  1. Subscription plan, status, and number of licenses. If the team member has an Enterprise account, the status is Active.
  2. App summary information including:
    • App icon
    • Links to live and editable version of the app
    • Status of the app (icon meanings described below)
    • Total number of monthly users with links to app usage statistics and Audit History logs for monitoring app activity
    • Minimal subscription plan needed for the app based on the features used
  3. Status icons for an app can include one or more of the following:
    Icon Description
    App is runnable.
    App is not runnable.
    App is a prototype.
    App is deployed.
    App is secure.
    App is not secure.
    App is marked for personal use.
  4. Click Email me an app summary report to recieve a report that includes a list of all the apps owned by the creator, the number of monthly users for each app, and links to the app.
  5. Authentication, integration services, and data sources enabled by the app creator. App creators can use sources shared with their team, and also define sources at the individual account level. Policies can be created to restrict the authentication, integration services, or data sources available to app creators.
  6. All apps owned by the app creator including links to the live and editable version of the app, status of the app (icon meanings described above), and action and info links (described below).
  7. Actions links to install the app on your device or copy the app and open it in the AppSheet app editor.
    Note: If you don't have access to the data sources used by the app creator, then copying an app will result in an error.
  8. Monitoring links to view: 

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