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Set input values dynamically in tasks

This feature is being rolled out gradually.

 When a task is reused in multiple steps in an automation, the app creator can dynamically configure the task for each step by setting input values.

Input values ([_INPUT].[inputname]) and INPUT() functions can't be used in the same action or task. They can be used in the same automation or app.

To add inputs when adding a task to a bot:

  1. Expand the Advanced section.
  2. Click Add under Inputs.
  3. Enter the name of the input value in the Name field.
  4. Select the data type from the Type drop-down.
    Only a subset of data types are supported for inputs.
  5. To add an initial value or edit any fields:
    1. Click  to open the Input dialog.
    2. Add a value or expression in the Initial value field.
      If you don't specify an initial value, then the input value will be required. If an initial value is specified, then the input value is optional.
      Use of [_THIS] or [_INPUT] are not supported in the Initial value field.
    3. Edit other fields, as required.
    4. Click Done.
  6. Repeat to add additional input values.

Then, use the following expressions to access the input values from the current step: [_INPUT].[inputname]

For example, the following Send an email task has defined a Message input that is used in the message body ([_INPUT].[Message]). When the task is used in a step, the app creator can customize the message that appears in the email (for example, Thank you!).

Set input values dynamically in tasks


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