Manage AppSheet data residency

This feature is available to Google Workspace organizations that have AppSheet Enterprise Plus accounts only.

Learn how to manage data residency for your AppSheet apps.

What is AppSheet data residency?

Your AppSheet app data is subject to the laws of the country in which it is stored and data privacy and security protections can vary by region. To help you meet data residency requirements, AppSheet gives you the ability to control the geographical area, or "region", in which your data is stored and processed. 

Today, you can choose to store your AppSheet app data in the following regions:



AppSheet URL

European Union (EU)

Data is stored and processed in EU region only. This helps customers by supporting compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data protection requirements.

See also:

Global (All regions)

Data storage is not restricted. This is the default.

What data is stored in the EU region?

The data that is stored in the EU region includes (but is not limited to):

  • App definitions
  • Data source configurations and access tokens
  • Customer data in AppSheet databases
  • Audit logs
  • Backups (described below)


AppSheet maintains backups of primary data for disaster recovery and business continuity. In rare cases, AppSheet uses backups to restore data and maintain high reliability.

These backups aren’t available to restore data upon customer request. Backups expire (are overwritten) on defined timelines.

Which data sources are supported in the EU region?

All data sources are supported in the EU region,  excluding the following:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Salesforce

Before you begin: Consider tradeoffs

Selecting a specific region doesn't provide performance improvements or fine-tuning for your network or data access. Take the following factors into consideration before selecting your region:

  • Users outside of the region where their data is located might experience higher latency in some cases. Latency could happen while:

    • Editing shared objects in real time across regions
    • Sharing files, such as documents, with someone outside the user's region
    • Traveling internationally
  • In rare cases, when a data region has been selected users outside that region might lose access to the data due to events beyond Google’s control (for example, natural disasters).
  • If there are apps in multiple regions that share the same data source, your users may be more likely to run into concurrency issues, as described in Concurrent usage with multiple users. AppSheet currently recommends that you avoid sharing data sources across regions if possible. 

Enable the EU region on your Enterprise Plus account

To enable the EU data residency on your Enterprise Plus account, contact your AppSheet Sales representative. 

If required by your organization, you can support both EU and Global regions for the same Enterprise Plus account. Then, you can optionally allow app creators to select the region for their apps or enforce the use of one region. 

Select the region to use for your apps

If both EU and global regions are supported for your Enterprise plus account and your company doesn't enforce the use of one region, you can select the region based on the URL you use to access AppSheet:

  • View and create apps in the EU region. 
  • View and create apps in the Global region. 

Only apps created in the selected region are displayed and accessible from the My Apps page.

If you are using OpenID Connect, you need to update the callback URL to use the EU region. See Control user access using OpenID Connect.

Copy an app between regions

When copying an app between regions, only the app definition is copied, not its data source or file data. As a result, you might need to configure the same data source in the target region; this only needs to be done once per data source, not once per app. If you need to copy an AppSheet database to a new region, contact AppSheet Support for assistance.

To copy an app between regions, perform the following steps:

  1.  Sign in to AppSheet.
  2. Perform one of the following steps for the app you want to copy:
    • On the My Apps page, locate the app and select MoreMore > Copy.
    • Open the app in the editor and select Manage > Collaborate & Publish > Copy App.
      We've made some improvements to the app editor.
      You are opted in to the new editor by default, but you can switch back to the legacy editor at any time.

      If you are using the legacy editor

      Open the app in the editor, select Manage > Author, and click Copy App
  3. In the Copy your app dialog, click Copy to region.
  4. In the App name field, edit the name of the app, if desired.
  5. In the Region list, select the region to copy the app to (such as
  6. Click Copy.

Manage IP addresses and firewall information for the EU region

If you are managing network traffic within your organization, or if you need to request AppSheet traffic be added to your allow list, use the AppSheet IP addresses for the EU data residency described in Manage IP addresses and firewall information.

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