Request an organization

Organizations are only supported for customers with a Google Workspace administrator and users with AppSheet Enterprise accounts. See AppSheet pricing.

An organization is not provided by default and is not required. If you are a Google Workspace customer and an AppSheet Enterprise account, you can reach out to AppSheet Supportto request an organization.

To request an organization for your Enterprise account:

  1. Ensure that you have the following accounts:
  2. Contact AppSheet Supportwith:
    • Your Workspace domain and a preferred user-facing name for your organization (such as, and Acme Limited)
    • Name and email address of the user who will be assigned as the first organization administrator in the newly created organizational model. This user must be:
      • A Workspace administrator
      • An existing AppSheet user (or added as one)

Based on the information provided, your organization and initial organization administrator will be set up for you by AppSheet.

Note: Once an initial organization administrator user has been assigned, they can then sign in to AppSheet and assign additional organization administrators and other roles, as needed.

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