Construct a list from table-column references

Referencing a table and column together (a table-column reference) constructs a list of all values in that column of that table. Note that if the column itself contains duplicate values, so will the list.

  • Fruits[Name] produces a list of all Name column values from the Fruits table. This is equivalent to SELECT(Fruits[name], TRUE, FALSE). See also: SELECT()

  • Orders[Customer] produces a list of all Customer column values from the Orders table. Equivalent to SELECT(Orders[Customer], TRUE, FALSE).

  • Order Details[SKU] produces a list of all SKU column values in the Order Details table. Equivalent to SELECT(Order Details[SKU], TRUE, FALSE).

A table-column reference to a column of type List or EnumList will produce a list of lists. To "flatten" the list-of-lists into a single list composed of the values of the component lists, wrap the table-column reference with SPLIT().

  • SPLIT(Employees[Vacation Dates], ",") produces a list of all employee vacation dates.

  • SPLIT(Events[Notification Emails], ",") produces a list of all notification email addresses.

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