Run actions based on view events

View events allow you to specify actions to run when certain events occur, such as selecting a row in a table view or saving a form. These actions can replace default navigation behaviors, enabling you to create streamlined custom navigation within your apps.  

The following sections describe how to run actions based on view events:

  • Multiple actions for one event can be combined by providing a grouped action.
  • Not all view types currently support event actions.
  • To configure Form Saved events, you may need to create a new form reference view first.
  • Actions based on different tables than the view will not appear in the drop-down. If you don't see an action in the list, make sure the data sources match.

Supported view event types

The following view event types are supported:

The Row Selected event is triggered when a user taps on an individual record in a deck, gallery, or table view. If you specify an action, it will replace the default behavior of viewing the record details in a detail view (even if the action does not cause its own navigation). Example use cases include the following:

  • Navigating directly to the edit form when selecting a row
  • Quickly changing the value of a status column without the need to open the details view 

Form Saved (form views)

The Form Saved event is triggered when a user saves an add or edit form. If an action is provided that causes navigation, it will replace the default navigation behavior (including auto-reopen and finish view settings). Unlike the row selected event, if a form saved event action is provided that doesn't cause navigation (such as an update row action or a navigation action whose condition is not met), the default navigation behavior will still occur.

Configure an event action

You can configure event actions within the Behavior view settings for the supported view types.

To configure an event action:

  1. Create the event action, as described in Actions: The Essentials.
  2. Configure a view
  3. Expand the Behavior section and select the action in the  Event Actions drop-down for the event type.
Note: Only actions based on the same source table as the view are eligible to be selected as Event Actions. System-generated actions such as View Map associated with Address columns or View Related associated with Ref columns can also be selected. The default Auto assign option corresponds to the built-in behaviors normally associated with each event.

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