Current date and time

Returns the current date and time (DateTime value).

Sample usage

(NOW() - 1) returns the date and time one day in the past. Equivalent to (NOW() - "024:00:00").

(NOW() + 1) returns the date and time one day in the future.

(NOW() + 7) returns the date and time one week in the future.

DATE(NOW()) returns the current date as a Date value. Equivalent to TODAY(). See also: DATE(), TODAY()

TIME(NOW()) returns the current time. Equivalent to TIMENOW(). See also: TIME(), TIMENOW()




The values returned by NOW(), TODAY(), and TIMENOW() reflect the timezone offset of the user's device. For example, if the timezone of the user's device is Pacific Standard Time (PST), the value returned is UTC-08:00; if the timezone of the user's device is Hong Kong, the value returned is UTC+8:00.

When the user's device contacts the server to read or update data, the device includes its timezone with the request. The server uses the timezone of the user's device when performing time and date calculations. For example, when the server evaluates security filters and workflow rules that include dates and times.

For information about the locale, see Apps using Date, Time, and DateTime formats.

See also

Date and time expressions





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