Constructed deep link to view

Returns a deep link (App value) to a view for an app (the current app, if not specified).


LINKTOVIEW(view, [app-name])

  • view - An expression that returns the name of the target view.
  • app-name - An optional expression that returns the name of the app containing the target view. Defaults to the current app.

    The app name is defined by the appName query parameter in the app URL when viewing the app in the editor or accessing the app in your desktop browser. (It is not equivalent to the Short Name of the app defined in Settings.) For example, in the following app URL the app name is ShiftManagement-3518598:

    If the app is not deployed, users will be able to access the view until the user access limit (10) for testing purposes has been reached as long as their is no security policy in place to prevent access (for Enterprise plans).


AppSheet does not validate view or app-name. If either of these are invalid (e.g., misspelled, or otherwise refer to something that doesn't exist), no error will be displayed

Both view and app-name may be of any type, are interpreted as Text values, and will be encoded (as with ENCODEURL()) for use in the deep link.

See also

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