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Right-most characters of text

Returns the specified number of characters at the end of a textual value. If the number of characters to be returned is greater than the length of the text value or less than 0, returns the text value in its entirety.

Sample usage

RIGHT("123 Maple Dr", 5) returns le Dr

RIGHT("123 Maple Dr", 0) returns blank

Fractional component of Decimal value

The fractional component of a Decimal value in the Result column:

      - FIND(".", TEXT([Result])))
  • TEXT([Result]) converts the Decimal value to a Text value. The textual functions used in this example interpret non-textual values differently. Using TEXT() ensures the Result column value is interpreted the same by each function.
  • FIND(".", ...) locates the decimal point in the value.
  • (LEN(...) - FIND(...)) calculates the length of the fractional component by subtracting the length of the non-fraction part from the entire length.
  • RIGHT(..., ...) extracts the fractional part.
  • NUMBER(...) converts the extracted text to a Number.

See also: FIND(), LEN(), NUMBER(), TEXT()

Street name from street address

Everything after the first word of a street address, which is typically the street name:

RIGHT([Address], (LEN([Address]) - FIND(" ", [Address])))
  • FIND(" ", [Address]) locates the first/leftmost space in the Address column value.

  • LEN([Address]) - FIND(...) calculates the length of the Address column value beyond the first space by subtracting the length of the text preceding the first space from the total length.

  • RIGHT([Address], ...) returns the rightmost text following the first space.

See also: FIND(), LEN()


RIGHT(text, how-many)

  • text - Any textual type.
  • how-many  - Number of characters (Number) from text to return. Non-Number values may be accepted but may produce unexpected results.

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