Computed date excluding non-work days

Returns the date computed by adjusting the date by the number of workdays. A workday is any Monday through Friday, excluding any dates specified by the optional holidays list.

Sample usage

WORKDAY(TODAY(), 2) returns he date two business days in the future. If today is a Wednesday, the date would be Friday; if today is Thursday, the date would be Monday; if today is Friday, the date would be Tuesday.

WORKDAY(TODAY(), 5) returns five business days (one business week) in the future.

WORKDAY(TODAY(), -5) returns five business days (one business week) in the past.

WORKDAY("12/1/2019", 25, LIST("12/24/2019", "12/25/2019", "1/1/2020")) :returns1/8/2020

WORKDAY([Project Start], [Est Days], Holidays[Date]) computes a project's anticipated end date from its known start date and an estimated number of days of work, taking into account known holidays.


WORKDAY(when, days, [holidays])

  • when - A Date value that will be adjusted by days, excluding holidays.
  • days - A number of workdays by which to adjust when. May be positive or negative.
  • holidays - An optional list of dates (Date value) that are not considered workdays.

See also

Date and time expressions





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