Minute of hour from Duration

Returns the number of whole minutes (Number value) explicitly specified if identifiable, or 0 if a minute is not found.

Sample usage

MINUTE("007:14:21") returns 14

MINUTE(TIMENOW() - "00:00:00") returns minutes since the top of the hour; the current minute of the hour.  See also: TIMENOW()

Minutes in duration

MINUTE() merely extracts the minutes component from a Duration value; it does not compute the number of minutes the Duration value represents in total. To compute the total minutes comprising a Duration value, use TOTALMINUTES().

Common problems

MINUTE(NOW()) (or any DateTime or Time value in place of NOW()) causes Expression Assistant to complain, Parameter 1 of function MINUTE is of the wrong type. The argument must be a Duration value, not a DateTime or Time value. To fix, convert a DateTime value to a Time value with TIME(), then subtract a zero time to convert a Time value to a Duration value: MINUTE(TIME(NOW()) - "00:00:00"). See also: NOW(), TIME()



  • duration - A Duration value.


MINUTE(...) is equivalent to (NUMBER(INDEX(SPLIT(TEXT(...), ":"), 2)) + 0) when ... is a Time value. See also: INDEX(), NUMBER(), SPLIT(), TEXT().

See Also

Date and time expressions



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