Conditionally show or hide a column value (Show_If)

A Show_If column constraint may be used to show or hide a column value according to a condition. This column constraint doesn't control whether or not the column is displayed, just the value for a particular row.

Show_If is commonly used to:

  • Hide columns that aren't intended for forms.
  • Show only non-zero values in a column of numeric values.
  • Hide sensitive values, such as email addresses, from most users while showing them to administrators.
  • Show action buttons in only select views.

New to expressions and formulas? See also Expressions: The Essentials.

The Show_If expression

The Show_If column constraint is Yes/No expression: if the expression evaluates as TRUE, the column value will be shown; if FALSE, the column value will be hidden.

As in all column constraint expressions, the Show_If expression may refer to the current column value using the column value expression, [_THIS]. For instance, if the current column is Employee Name, [Employee Name] and [_THIS] both refer to the same value.

Scope of Show_If

The Show_If column constraint is applied any time the column itself is displayed. The column constraint is not applied to the column value when used in an expression.

Show_If conditions can enabled for only form views or for the entire app. To control this behavior, set the Apply show-if constraints universally when configuring form view type settings.

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