Add row labels

Row labels allow you to choose the most important columns in a table. Row labels determine which columns are prominently displayed for that table, similar to a title. One image column and one non-image column can be used as labels. All tables have a non-image label.

You designate the row label in the Data > Columns pane by enabling the Label? setting for the particular column.

You can create a row label containing values from two or more columns as follows:

  1. Add a virtual column to the table.
  2. In the App formula field of the virtual column, enter a CONCATENATE() expression that combines appropriate column values to form the row label. For example: CONCATENATE([First label column], ", ", [Second label column])
  3. Disable the Label? property for any existing row label column.
  4. Enable the Label? property of the virtual column.
  5. Save your changes.

Row Labels are used throughout the app. Different views use them differently:

  • Deck view: 
    • Image label is used for the image on the left
    • Non-image label is used as the top text.
  • Table view: 
    • Non-image label is the first column shown. (Unless you have a custom column order.)
  • Gallery view:
    • Image label is used for the image
    • Non-image label is used as text below the image
  • Detail view
    • Image label is shown as a large image on top
    • Non-image label is shown directly below the image.

The Ref popup, which is shown when choosing a Ref row from the form also uses the labels.

Ref popup labels

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