Manually generate UNIQUEID() key values

Note: If you want AppSheet to generate the primary key for you, see What is a key?

You can generate a unique value using a formula in the spreadsheet.

The following spreadsheet formula, suitable for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, will generate a unique ID consistent with those generated by AppSheet's UNIQUEID() function:

=DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0, 4294967295), 8)

To generate a lower-case key, use the following formula:

=LOWER(DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0, 4294967295), 8))

An ID must be a value, not a formula, though, so copy (Ctrl+C) and paste as plain text (Shift+Ctrl+V) the result of the formula calculation into the cell meant to contain the new ID. That's all there is to it!

For example, to generate a set of new IDs in column A for rows 2 through 10:

  1. Copy (Ctrl+C) the formula above.
  2. Paste (Ctrl+V) into the first cell of the target range (A2).
  3. Observe the cell now has the formula that generates a unique ID and a unique ID value.
  4. Copy (Ctrl+C) the same first cell of the range (A2).
  5. Paste (Ctrl+V) into all cells in the range (A2:A10).
  6. Observe each cell now has the formula that generates a unique ID and its own unique ID value.
  7. Copy (Ctrl+C) all the same cells in the range (A2:A10).
  8. Paste as plain text (Shift+Ctrl+V) into the very same cells in the range (A2:A10).
  9. Observe the formula in each cell has been replaced with the unique ID the formula had generated, rendering the ID permanent.
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