What is a white label native app?

Create a native mobile app with your own branding.

To learn more about the different aspects of deploying your app, see Deploy.

What is a white label native app?

A white label native version of an AppSheet app is a native mobile app with your own branding you can publish directly in an app store or distribute on your own. The installation and use of a white label native app is similar to the millions of other apps in the app store.

What platforms are supported?

Both iOS and Android are supported for white label native apps.

How does a white label native app differ from my regular AppSheet app?

By default, your AppSheet app is hosted on a mobile device within an existing mobile host app. Since this mobile host app is already available in the app stores, you can create apps and use apps almost instantly.

When you create a white label version of your app, it's effectively a copy of the AppSheet host app, but it has your branding and only runs your app. You take on the extra time and effort needed to publish the app in the relevant app store. However, you gain the discoverability of apps in the app store, and your users will benefit from the familiarity of the app installation process.

The app will continue to function in exactly the same way as before. Updates to the app definition will be picked up automatically as usual. Once in awhile, if AppSheet releases any significant new functionality that requires a new version of the white label native app (e.g., integration with push notifications), you'll need to regenerate and republish your white label native app.

White label app restrictions

While white-labeling does remove most AppSheet branding, there are places where AppSheet will still be visible (during sign-in, and in error messages, for instance).

Any apps submitted to the Apple App Store will be reviewed by Apple. We can’t guarantee your app will pass review or become available in the App Store.

The same applies to publishing apps in the Google Play store: publishing the app requires approval by Google and we cannot guarantee the app you submit will pass review or ever be available in the Google Play Store.

The use of the white label option requires 10 licenses of AppSheet Core plan. Consult the AppSheet pricing page for more details.

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