Version number management

AppSheet automatically assigns a new version number to your app every time your app definition changes. 

The Editor displays your app's current version number on the Info > Properties pane.

The version number consists of a major version number to the left of the decimal point and a minor version number to the right of the decimal point.

AppSheet automatically increments the minor version number every time you make a change using the editor and save your change.

AppSheet automatically increments the major version number when you upgrade your app. You can manually increment the major version number on the Info > Properties pane. 

When the major version number changes, this signifies that you have made a significant change to your application. Before a major version number change, make certain that all of your users have synced all of their pending adds, updates, or deletes. Immediately after a major version number change, make certain that all of your users sync to retrieve the newest version of your app. 

If a user attempts to sync a pending add, update, or delete using the wrong major version number of the app, their changes will be rejected with the following error:

This data change cannot be applied because there is a newer version of your app '<app name>'. Please reset data to discard local changes.



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