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Extension lessons

Many of our lessons include an extended set of videos that teach additional skills.

Often, these extension videos will relate specifically to the project created in the main lesson. For example, if students are creating a spreadsheet to organize a club in the main lesson, the extension lessons will teach additional spreadsheet skills relating to that same project.

Extensions are a great option for:

  • Fostering independent exploration for students who move through a lesson quickly
  • Encouraging creativity and choice in a final project
  • Learning and practicing additional skills

The skills taught in these extension lessons are generally not included in lesson assessments or rubrics. Examples of extension lesson outcomes are included in most lesson plans.

Extensions library

There are also many extension activities that can be completed independent of a main lesson project to teach specific tasks. For example, in a classroom using Google Slides, students could watch a single short extension video about using the Master slide rather than completing an entire project-based lesson.

You can find a library of these independent learning extensions in this document, which will be updated as new, widely-applicable extensions are created.

Note: This is not a complete list of every extension video in the Applied Digital Skills curriculum. The library document includes extensions that teach important additional skills in common Google apps independent of lesson-specific projects. This list excludes extensions that relate directly to the central project of a main lesson.

The extensions are organized based on the lesson in which they originally appeared. You can search the document for extensions focusing on specific skills or Google apps using the Find function (PC/Chromebook: CTRL+F; Mac: CMD+F).

Student progress stuck on extensions page

In a single lesson, all of the extension videos live on one main page. In some cases, if a student clicks into a specific extension video too quickly, their progress will not show as complete for a teacher.

To solve this, have the student return to the main extensions page for the lesson and keep it open for 5-10 seconds.

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