Teaching materials

All lessons in the Applied Digital Skills curriculum come with helpful and guiding materials, including lesson plans and, for many lessons, rubrics and reflections.

These materials are available to anyone taking a lesson, ensuring accessibility for independent learners. This means that students who may be completing lessons and assessments in a classroom setting have access to the lesson plans, rubrics, and quiz answers. If this is a concern, please contact us to let us know your specific worries and questions.

Lesson Plans

All Applied Digital Skills lessons have accompanying lesson plans. 

Lesson plans include:

  • Learning objectives 
  • Digital skills 
  • Example outcomes
  • Tips and guidance for instructors

Instructors can make a copy of the lesson plan, save it to their own Google Drive, and make edits to customize the lessons for their classroom.

There are slight variations in format between middle and high school audiences and college and continuing education audiences


Most lessons in the middle and high school curriculum also include project evaluation rubrics. These enable teachers to evaluate a student’s work across a variety of skills and levels of proficiency (i.e. beginner, developing, accomplished, and exemplary).

Instructors can make a copy of the rubric, save it to their own Google Drive, and make edits to customize the grading to their standards.

Most Explore a Topic lessons, including Explore a Topic: Women’s History and Explore a Topic: Innovators, do not have rubrics. Read more about Explore a Topic lessons in this article.

Note: Lessons for adult learners do not include project evaluation rubrics.


Learners are prompted to complete a reflection at the end of each lesson. Depending on the lesson type and learner level, reflections are structured as either quiz-like assessments or feedback surveys.


To wrap up each unit in the middle and high school curriculum, learners complete a quiz which assesses their understanding of digital skills, terms and concepts.

These assessments have 10 gradable questions, including a mix of multiple choice and open-ended questions. Each lesson includes two reflective questions as well, which focus on what the learner found difficult about the lesson and how they might use the skills they were taught in the future.

Teachers can see the results of a student’s quiz from the teacher dashboard. Select a class, click on a lesson within that class, then view progress details. When you choose an individual student who has completed a reflection, you’ll be able to see their answers to each question.

Additionally, an answer key for the lesson’s assessment is included at the bottom of the lesson plan.


Surveys are included in some lessons in the middle and high school curriculum, and for almost all the lessons in our continuing education curriculum for adults.

These surveys allow the learner to share their feedback on the structure of the lesson.

Delete reflection responses

If a student needs to resubmit or delete a reflection assessment for any reason, there are two ways to clear their reflection responses:

1. Remove the student from the class and ask them to rejoin. As a teacher, you can remove the student from your class. Then, ask them to rejoin the class using your class code. 

If you delete a student from your class, all of their progress for all of the lessons assigned to your class will be lost. This includes work submitted, progress through the videos, and reflection responses.


2. Request a deletion of reflection responses. You can also contact us to request that responses to a specific reflection be deleted. This requires a manual reset of the student’s account and could take up to 28 days to complete. In your message, specify which reflection you’d like to reset and include the email address associated with your Applied Digital Skills account.

This will result in all responses to a specific reflection being deleted; we cannot delete responses to individual questions within a reflection. 
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