How to use Applied Digital Skills

Each Applied Digital Skills lesson is taught through self-paced, step-by-step videos. This format reduces the pressure on teachers to be technology experts and allows learners at different levels to work at a pace that suits their needs.

One lesson can teach numerous digital skills while guiding learners to create useful and interactive projects. Lessons encourage peer mentorship and collaboration while freeing up teachers to support individuals. The curriculum is designed to be flexible: Teachers can use some or all of the videos in a lesson, and can teach them in any order.

The video curriculum can be used in any space with internet access, computers and headphones, including libraries, labs, classrooms or other venues. No internet in the classroom? Teachers can also download videos from the Applied Digital Skills website to use when connection is spotty.

Lessons can fit into many different subjects. We encourage teachers to get creative! Click the headers below and visit our K12 Guide for more ideas.

More ways to use Applied Digital Skills lessons


Access an Applied Digital Skills lesson or set up an Applied Digital Skills class to use:

  • In person or remotely, or in a hybrid-learning environment.
  • During the school day or after school.
  • As part of a homeroom class or other enrichment period.
  • As part of a summer program.
  • As part of a home school program.
  • However it best works for you and your students.

Teach a spectrum of digital and soft skills:

  • Use the entire curriculum throughout the semester to teach digital skills like using spreadsheets, creating slide presentations, and collaborating digitally.
  • Use a single lesson, such as Research and Develop a Topic to teach researching, writing, and testing for source credibility.

Select lessons to supplement your specific subject:

  • An English teacher could use the Create an Editing Tool with Programming lesson to teach students how to use code to find overused words in a document.
  • A math teacher could use the Create a Guide to an Area lesson to teach students how to use structured data to create a useful map.
  • Assign lessons as part of your homeschool curriculum.
  • Advisors and guidance professionals could use the Organize College Information in Google Sheets lesson to help prepare learners for the application and selection process.
  • Students can select lessons to work on as part of an extracurricular activity.

Read about more creative ways educators are using the Applied Digital Skills curriculum in our Teacher Spotlight section.

To get started, explore the curriculum or set up a class.


Join a class created by your teacher, parent,or guardian using the class code. Then, complete Applied Digital Skills lessons and projects that they assign.

Or, try lessons without being part of a class. You can learn valuable digital skills and create projects at your own pace.

If you are a job seeker, business owner, or person looking to expand their knowledge of digital skills, you can complete Applied Digital Skills lessons and projects without being part of a class. You can use the Applied Digital Skills lessons to learn valuable digital skills and create relevant projects you can use in your own life, all at your own pace.
Parent or Guardian

Keep your kids learning at home with engaging digital lessons that will set them up for success.

We’ve gathered lessons that can help students: 

  • prepare for success in remote learning
  • take virtual field trips and explore art from home
  • have fun with digital art and games
  • practice internet safety and digital well-being while learning online
Sign up as a Teacher, then explore and assign lessons to your kids. Check out our Guardian’s Guide to learn more about getting started.

Additional resources

 You are welcome to use these resources and share them with other educators.

Resources for teachers

Use this Teacher Resources document, which contains:

Resources for parents and guardians

Use our Guardian’s Guide to Applied Digital Skills to learn more about:

  • What the curriculum teaches
  • How to sign up and get started
  • How to pick lessons
  • And more!
And check out our Keep Your Kids Learning at Home collection, with suggested lessons to get you started quickly.
Google for Education Teacher Training Center

Use this free resource from Google for Education that features:

  • 70 lessons created by fellow educators (based on the SAMR Model and ISTE standards), designed to help teachers increase their impact in the classroom.
  • Two Google educator certifications, along with additional programs that support trainers and innovators. Learn more at


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