Prepare to teach

Our goal is to help teachers feel confident and well-equipped to bring Applied Digital Skills to their classrooms in a way that best fits their learning environments.

We recommend the following steps to ensure you and your students are prepared and ready to learn on the first day of Applied Digital Skills instruction.

  1. Create your teacher account at

  2. Select and review the curriculum:

    • Review the curriculum, and select a lesson to teach.
    • Review the lesson plans.
    • Preview the videos that students will watch.
  3. Create a class and add a lesson or lessons to the class:

    • Return to your teacher dashboard.
    • Select Create class. 
    • Add the class information and select Create.
    • Click Add lessons. This will take you to the curriculum page. When you find a lesson you want to add to your class, click the Add to class icon.
  4. Set up the learning space:

    • Confirm that the room has enough seating, headphones, and computers to accommodate all students. Each student needs a computer with internet access and headphones.
      Note: The curriculum is best accessed from a laptop or desktop computer, or a tablet with a separate keyboard. On any of these hardware options, make sure you are using an up-to-date web browser for the optimal experience.
    • Turn on all computers, place headphones at each station for students, if needed.
  5. Invite students to your class:

    • Ensure each student has a Google account.
    • Distribute the class code to students.

Teaching for homeschool and non-traditional classrooms

The Applied Digital Skills curriculum is available for anyone to use at home or at school. If you want to see how the curriculum fits in with what students might be learning in school, please visit our curriculum page and use the Filter by feature located along the top left. You can filter lessons according to audience, digital tools (such as Google Docs), and topic. 

Teaching in a remote classroom

Distance learning has presented a new challenge for many instructors and learners. We want to support you with resources for teaching remotely.

Access our easy-to-follow teaching guides, designed to complement our online video curriculum. These new materials were made to help you get started quickly and easily.

Each lesson comes with:

  • A teaching guide, which provides an overview of the lesson and step-by-step instructions for presenting the lesson;
  • An assignment template you can easily customize and send out to your students remotely;
  • And an example assignment with the template filled in for guidance.
Check out our remote learning collections, which can help you teach, work, and learn from anywhere. These collections centralize a few resources for teachers, parents, newly remote employees, and others wanting to enhance their digital skills remotely.

For more help, check out these Remote Learning Tips.

Additional resources

You are welcome to use these resources and share them with other educators.

Our Teacher Resources page, which contains:

Curriculum and Materials section of the Help Center, which contains:

Applied Digital Skills email newsletter, which you can opt into through the My profile link on your teacher dashboard.

  • Learn when new lessons and resources are released
  • Find opportunities to share your feedback directly with our team

Teacher Spotlights page, where you can read stories about how teachers like you are using the Applied Digital Skills lessons with their classes. 

  • If you’d like to be featured in an upcoming Teacher Spotlight, please click here to share your Applied Digital Skills story with us.