Set up a class

Teachers can set up classes to share assignments and manage interactions with their students as they work through curriculum materials. Teachers can also add co-teachers to their Applied Digital Skills classes.

Set up a class as a teacher
  1. Sign into the Applied Digital Skills website with your Google account (or create an account, free of charge).
  2. Choose your role as a teacher.
  3. Set up your profile.
  4. Create and name a new class.
  5. Share the class code with your students so they can join the class.
  6. Visit the Resources page for materials to help get started teaching the program with your students.
  7. Browse the curriculum to determine which lessons you would like to use. You can filter the lessons by audience, digital tool, and topic.
  8. Add the lessons you chose to your class.
Note: at this time there is not an option to automatically add students’ names to a class roster.
Add a co-teacher to a class
  1. Navigate to the My Classes screen of your teacher dashboard.
  2. Find the class you want to add a teacher to. 
  3. Click on the People icon.
  4. Find the Co-teachers area and the bolded code. 
  5. Ask the new co-teacher to create a teacher account and use the bolded code to join your class.


 Once a class has been created, students can join using the class code.

Join a class as a student
  1. Go to the Applied Digital Skills website, and sign up with a Google account. 
  2. Select I’m a student.
  3. Select Join a class from the left-side menu. 
  4. Enter the class code.
Using Applied Digital Skills without creating an account

Teachers and students can use the curriculum without creating a class or logging in, though many features are unavailable.


You can use Applied Digital Skills lessons without setting up a class or logging in. To use the lessons without logging in or setting up a class, you can:

  • Choose a lesson that you would like to use in your class.
  • Instruct students to watch the videos and apply what they have learned using a different application (for example, other word processing or presentation programs). 
  • Instruct students to watch only part of a video or lesson.

While using other software programs will allow students to practice some of the digital skills they have learned, students may not be able to perform some tasks that are taught in the videos, such as make comments on other students’ work or collaborate on projects in real time.


Students can view the Applied Digital Skills lessons without setting up a class or logging in. Students can only view the videos if they do not log in. Without logging in, students can not complete the projects using Google Workspace (Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc.), and they will not be able to complete end-of-lesson reflections.

Use Applied Digital Skills lessons with Google Classroom 

The lessons included in the Applied Digital Skills curriculum can be shared with your Google Classroom account. 

Use Google Classroom to:

  • Manage your classes and rosters
  • Create and grade assignments
  • Collect student work

Use Applied Digital Skills to:

  • Browse for digital skills lessons
  • Deliver lessons through provided videos
  • Track which videos students have watched
  • Check for comprehension

Learn more about how Applied Digital Skills and Google Classroom work together by reading this Help Center article.

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