Manage classes

The Applied Digital Skills website allows you to manage your online classes and track student progress. 

Teacher dashboard

You can find the teacher dashboard by signing in to your Applied Digital Skills account. If you are not automatically directed to your dashboard, click your login or avatar in the upper right corner and navigate to the teacher dashboard from there. (You may need to click My profile first.)

If you have not created a class yet, you will be prompted to do so. You can create as many classes as you want.

Each class appears with:

  • the class code
  • a menu with options to rearrange the class on the page or to archive the class
  • an icon to view details about your class and lessons
  • an icon to view student progress.
  • For information on setting up a class and adding students to your class, read our Help Center article Set up a class.

You can view each class you create by clicking Current classes.

Use the following features to manage your classes:

  • Three dot menu: move classes up, down, or archive 
  • Lessons icon: add, edit, or remove lessons assigned to each class
  • People icon: edit the student roster and view student progress
Download your account data
You can download a copy of your Applied Digital Skills data directly from your student or teacher profile. This is helpful if you want to have a backup of your data or want to use it with a service outside of Google. Read our Help Center article Privacy and Security for full instructions.
Share to Google Classroom

When you are signed into Applied Digital Skills with a teacher account, Google Classroom icons appear on the curriculum page and lesson overview pages (like this one). 

If you use Google Classroom, you can share selected lessons from Applied Digital Skills to your Google Classroom account. 

Follow these steps to share an Applied Digital Skills lesson to Google Classroom:

  1. Click on the Lessons header at the top of the page (not the lessons icon in your teacher dashboard).
  2. Find a lesson you’d like to share to Google Classroom.
  3. Click on the Share to classroom icon. A new Google Classroom window will open.
  4. Choose a class from your Google Classroom to share the lesson to.
  5. Choose an action (Create assignment, Ask question, Make an announcement, Create material), then click Go. From there you will be prompted to complete your action within Google Classroom.
Collections are lessons organized around a common theme, and are featured at the top of the Lessons page. Clicking the Share to classroom icon on a collection card will allow you to share the link to the collection on Google Classroom, but you will still need to click into the collection and share each lesson separately in order for students to be able to track their progress and properly submit assignments.
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