Updating to a Google Account

To update your access to a Google Account:

  1. On the Google Affiliate Network sign-in page, click Update Now.
  2. Enter your Google Affiliate Network username and password.
  3. Click Begin update. (If you're already signed in to your Google Account, you'll be signed out automatically.)
  4. Take either of the following actions:
    • If the Google Account you want to use already exists, enter your email and password in the 'Yes' box, then click Sign in. (We encourage you to maintain separate Google Accounts for personal and business use.)
    • If you need to create a Google Account, click Create a new Google Account now. (We also recommend that you specify a work, and not a personal, email address.)
  5. Follow the remaining instructions to create a new Google Account.
  6. Click I accept. Create my account..
  7. In a few minutes, check your email for a message from us. Click the link in this message to verify your account.

After you create your Google Account, be sure to sign in with your Google Account username and password. Your former Google Affiliate Network credentials won't work after you update your access.