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TV not contacting Toshiba tv not connecting 
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Backspace key causes back navigation event and enter key as ok button So, whenever I press the backspace key it acts as the back button on a remote and the enter key as t…
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Pixelated Green Screen occurring Team, I'm unable to view any videos on YouTube with my Android TV. Attached screenshot for your refe… No audio after connecting a PS5 dualsense controller through USB I'm trying to play the steam link app on my android TV, but after I plugged in my PS5 dualsense cont… HDMI port problem Nintendo game console connected to TV via HDMI cable, picture and sound -yes, no colour just black &… Android TV says storage full but it isn't I keep getting a notification on my android TV saying storage is almost full but I have only downloa… How do I get subtitles on my Android TV the drop down when you click subtitles disappears How do I get subtitles on my Android TV........if I use the drop down menu and click on subtitles it… Tv keeps turning off when game is paused Hdmi cec is turned on and looks like requires to be turned on in order for my eARC compatible sound …
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Since upgrade to Google tv 12 my Google Sabrina from time fails to activate hdmi port or sound Since upgrade to Google tv 12 my Google Sabrina from time fails to activate hdmi port or sound. It i… Google advice on ensuring "Android TV OS device is secure" is not very useful I write in relation to the following community post from a Google employee, on which comments have b… Not able to turn off Bluetooth pairing mode in Settings On my Android TV Box (Homatics Box R 4K, Android 11), Bluetooth pairing mode is always on. It's not … Restarting in 4k video So i have this sansui tv which supports UHD content. Streaming services like Netflix shows 4k playab… My USB notifications didn’t show up I can’t eject it properly Gamepad buttons launches applications and not work in game as expected I have a GreenAsia Inc. PS2 Gamepad which have both usb and PS2 connectors. It works fine on my Wind… Wifi problems I have 2 android tv and one of them is brand new and they both of the Wi-Fi buttons turn wifi off by…
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