Play Google Play Games

You can play Google Play games with a Gamepad, TV remote, or Nexus Player remote.

Find and download games

  1. Open the Google Play Store app Play Store.
  2. Select Games.
  3. Choose a game.
  4. Select Install or the price. If you’re buying a game, learn how to add a payment method.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Play games

Play a game

  1. From the Android TV Home screen, scroll down to "Games."
  2. To see more games, scroll right.
  3. Select a game.

Start a quest

You can take on challenges, or quests, that you have to finish in a certain amount of time.

  1. Open the Play Games app Play Games.
  2. Select the game you want to play.
  3. Scroll down to see if there’s a "Quests" option.

Find friends to play with

To see what your friends played recently:

  1. Open the Play Games app Play Games.
  2. Select Players.

View invitations, gifts, and requests

  1. From the Android TV Home page, scroll down to "Apps."
  2. Select Google Play Games Play Games.
  3. Select Inbox.

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