Set up your Android TV and remote

After you get your Android TV, you’ll need to set it up and connect your remote.

Before you start

Check that you have:

  • One TV or monitor that has HDMI ports and supports HDCP
  • One HDMI cable
  • A Wi-Fi internet connection
  • A Google Account

Step 1: Connect your Android TV

  1. Turn off your TV or monitor.
  2. Use your HDMI cable to connect your Android TV to your TV or monitor.
  3. Plug your Android TV into an outlet. You’ll see a white light on the bottom of the device.

Step 2: Pair your remote

  1. Turn on your TV or monitor.
  2. Press the Source or Input button until you see an image of a TV, a remote, and a timer.
  3. For 5 seconds, press and hold Back Back + Home Home.

After you successfully pair your remote, you’ll see a check mark on the screen.

Learn what to do if your remote won’t pair with your Nexus Player.


Step 3: Set up your Android TV

To finish set up, follow the onscreen instructions. You can also find out how to use an Android phone or tablet to set up your device.

Turn on the screen reader

If you’re vision-impaired, you can turn on the Talkback screen reader. After you’re asked to choose your language, press and hold Back Back. After 7 seconds, TalkBack will turn on.

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