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Set or change a default payment method

The first payment method you add to Android Pay is set as your default. When you pay using Android Pay, your default payment method is automatically charged.

Note: Private label cards can't be set as default payment methods unless they're the only card you add to Android Pay. To pay with a private label card, follow the instructions under "Pay with a non-default payment method." 

Change your default payment method

  1. Open the Android Pay app.
  2. Tap the card you want to make your default card.
  3. Tap Set as default card.

Pay with a non-default payment method

You can make a one-time payment with a non-default card. If you want to switch cards for future purchases, you can change your default card.

  1. Unlock your device.
  2. Open the Android Pay app.
  3. Tap the card you wish to use for the transaction.
  4. Hold the back of your phone against the contactless payment terminal.
  5. If prompted, choose "Credit" regardless of your type of card.
  6. For debit card transactions, you may have to enter a PIN. Use the PIN you set up with your bank or service provider.

Fix problems using your default payment method

Default payment method declined

If you tried to make a purchase and your default payment method was declined:

  1. Contact the bank to make sure there isn’t a problem with your account.
  2. If this isn’t the problem, contact the merchant where you tried to make the purchase for more information.

Accidental charge to a non-default payment method

Contact the bank associated with the card you wanted to use to see if there’s a problem with your account.

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