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Updated: Today
Since last update, i cannot connect to my Uconnect in my 2019 Ram 1500. Also want charge cell. Since last update, I cannot connect to my Uconnect in a 2019 Ram 1500. It also will not charge. Keep… Echoing Phone Calls Support is dropping the ball big time. Phone calls are echoing because the headunit and microphone a… Xiaomi issue - after call no audio anymore Hello, Since I've got a the new Xiaomi mi 11 I have this issue: After I receive a call the audio com…
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Android Auto frequently disconnects or won't connect at all. I have a Galaxy S10+ and quite often, android auto will disconnect from simply making a turn. This h…
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Android Auto no longer working Up until 4th Sep 2021 the Android Auto worked fine (albiet regular disconnects - fixed by reconnecti… The on screen navigation is lagging while using Android Auto on Tata Altroz I am having issues while navigating using Google Maps in my TATA Altroz. The on screen navigation is… Android Auto no longer working since OnePlus 6 android 11 update Android Auto no longer working after updating my OnePlus 6 with official Android 11, whereas it was …
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Does the Galaxy A3 core dual sim have issues with widgets? I cannot add a clock widget. The widget screen has one page of locked widgets, only one of which can…
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Androidauto only understands my speech directly after pushing mic button My androidauto basically works (maps, music etc) But it only recognizes my voice commands after push… Android auto is currently showing a notification for navigation when maps is still open When navigating a Google maps, Android auto is still showing the notification shade blocking the upp…
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No audio on phone calls Recently I have started having an issue where callers cant hear me and I cant hear them even though …
Updated: Yesterday
unable to receive push notifications while using android auto I am not receiving push notification when attached to android auto. Have same issue attached using U…
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Android Auto not connecting Since recent update the app won’t connect to my phone via the usb cable. I’ve tried multiple cables.… Music/Audio becomes choppy in AA using wifi when switching to any other app while playing Hi I am using AA throught Wifi/bluetooth on my BMW X5 G05. After the update couple of months back to… Radio disconnects when connected to Android Auto This only happens ithen one of my two vehicle radios. the one in question disconects the radio right…
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Pixel 5 always disconnects from Android Auto, had no issues with Pixel 3XL My Pixel 5 essentially broke Android Auto on my 2019 Subaru Forester. I had zero issues with my Pixe… Pop-up notification Recent update has the top banner notifications for directions on even when in the Maps app. This blo…
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Navigation continues after exciting Android auto After android auto stops the navigation notification status active
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S21 Ultra - Android Auto crashes when the phone is unlocked Galaxy S21 Ultra. After the constant nightmare AA has been on this device and trying one thousand ca… Can Google team elevate this issue, as Android Auto is Not Working on many New Samsung Device. Ok Google team, as you can probably real, there are quite a few post here with user having issue wit…
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