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Updated: Today
Voice command not working I've recently got android auto in a new civic 2018 and the android auto is not recognizing any voice… Android Auto is not working in my car with an s10 5G. Please help. Android auto will not connect to my car. When I plug my phone in, it will start charging, but the ca…
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Sporadic "Unsupported Device" message on Kenwood DDX9703S--what is the cause? USB-C connection to radio. Works fine going to work. At day's end, reconnect phone to radio, and occ…
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Why did my Android Auto stop working? I have two vehicles with factory Android Auto head unit (Ford Sync3 on my F-150 and Uconnect on my J… Android Auto Google Maps Location Issue Location jumps around and does not continue along route. Unplugging USB and re-plugging it in will f…
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Android Auto doent work with Renault R-Link, Snapdragon 855, new MI 9. The Screen on the Radio is totally pixelated. The newest Version dont fix it. The Bug is still on ma… AA cannot send text messages for users with g-suite domains Same issue as described in locked threads. Re-opening a thread as this is infuriating . This issue h…
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Weather card is gone The weather card has disappeared from the android auto screen. Android Auto crashes on head unit side with Pixel 3a I got my Pixel 3a at Google I/O and so far have not been able to use it with my Alpine Halo9 ILX-F25…
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Communication Error 11 - RCD330, VW Jetta Mk5, Moto G5 This morning whilst trying to connect to AA I was greeted with Communication Error 11, I have tried …
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Android Auto thinks Youtube Music is a video app and won't allow voice commands. Android Auto thinks Youtube Music is a video app and won't allow voice commands related to playing m… App just comes on even when im not in my car.so annoying Stop app coming on even when i havnt been in my car for hours. Some mornings it just comes on even w…
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I cant get the notification sound to stop after receiving a text. I use Google messages on my s10+, when I have android auto on and receive a text the notification so…
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When does andride auto come fore download in norway . Need it now .please Get androide auto in Norway
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Android Auto keeps randomly stopping my music app and switches to Amazon Music. I never had an issue with listening to music on Android Auto until this last update. Now I will be l…
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YT Music responds with "Cannot play music" when searching via voice command Car: Honda Odyssey 2018 Android Auto: 4.4.592344-Release Youtube Music: 3.23.52 Phone: Samsung Galax…
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Android Auto, used to work but now I get stuck when the 'Allow access to phone data' pops up. Android Auto used to work. Now, I cannot get past the 'Allow access to my phone data' pop up. I allo…
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Notification sound No notification sounds when connected to AA for messages. Volume adjustments not working Update: seems to be working fine without further issue. Conveniently, days after original post an up… Android Auto fails to navigate with Maps I have what appears to be an issue with my car's head unit/compatibility on a brand new car, listed …
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