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Problem With Audio Volume For a few months Android Auto Wireless has been working great with my Samsung S10 Plus and Kenwood D…
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Why do I no longer receive Facebook Messenger notifications in Android Auto? A number of weeks ago, I was able to receive and respond to FB Messenger notifications via Android A…
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Android Auto stopped responding once I updated the app. I'm getting this error message on my phone when I try to connect. My ford fusion uses Syncto connect…
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Default to wrong media app When Android Auto launches, it defaults to my most recent media app (usually Audible), and all I hav…
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Touchpad isnt working in 2019 Mercedes A Class with Android Auto I had android auto in my previous Mercedes and I couldn't fault it. However in my new car 2019 A Cla…
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Cannot use Google maps and listen to podcasts. I can use Android Auto for navigating OR listening to podcasts. When I try to do both, the screen go…
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Android auto audio skippinig problems When listening to music, my android music skips for a few seconds. This seems to be happening once p…
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Opo find X2 pro Android 11 hasn't been working with Android auto (multiple vehicles) for months now. I've tried multiple vehicles. It's a complete joke that it's taken this long to fix. I even reset my…
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Missing uploaded songs in YouTube music only on Android Auto I have thousands of songs uploaded to YouTube music that transferred from Google music. When I use m…
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Wireless Android Auto Not Working in Cadillac Escalade 2021? My phone connect well using the cable to the Cadillac Escalade 2021 but when I try to connect wirele… Android Auto keeps restarting (2017 Hyundai Elantra) Android Auto keeps restarting in an endless loop. 2017 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition Samsung Note 10…
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Google assistant says "Something went wrong, please try again" for all commands and apps Whenever I give a command, Google recognizes what I say, but then says "something went wrong, please… Frozen screen Since the latest update,when connected to Android Auto in my car (Mitsubishi Pajero Sport) the scree… Android Auto does not read out incoming Telegram messages When I receive a Telegram message while using AA in my car, the notification pops up in the car's in… Why doesnt android auto launch whatsapp and messenger anymore? android auto doesnt launch whatsapp and fb messenger anymore, both apps installed and updated in my … Android auto not connecting to my oppo find x2 Android auto was working fine in my Kia seltos with my oppo find x2 before the Android 11 update. No… Spotify doesn't seem to be working Error message: Spotify doesn't seem to be working right now Are you using Android Auto on your phone… YouTube Music doesn't show the name of the song it's playing When I start playing music with youtube music from the gadget on the main screen of AA, the name and…
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After updating my to android 11 The mic does not work properly and i have to restart my phone After updating my Samsung A71 to android 11 The mic is not working properly And when I restart my ph…
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