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Annoying Notification When Trying to Use Google Assistant while Driving... Hello! I was hoping to find a solution to a problem I am having. It appears to be a Google Assistant… Android Auto Wireless not working Good day all! On paper my phone and head unit should connect via Android Auto wireless but I can't g… Android auto is pixelated for me on my note 10 plus. I tried different cables, changing the display on the phone from uhd to hd
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Android Auto Voice command doesn't work. "When it's safe first tap the notification then.." I have a new Samsung S10+ and can no longer use voice to command the Google Assist. I always get the…
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Very few apps on home screen, how do I add others? I'm using the new interface, but there are very few apps on my home screen. On my phone, in Android … Android Auto won't connect to my 2018 Honda Civic I have a 2018 Honda Civic and since it's purchase Android Auto has synced up to it with no problems … Spotify songs cut out while listening through Android Auto I'm having issues with streaming music (spotify, Google play, etc) via android auto in my 2019 Nissa… Android Auto Constantly Disconnecting From head Unit (Alpine ILX-W650) - Samsung Galaxy S8 Hi All, Posting here in hopes of finding a solution to my problem. I bought an Alpine ILX-W650 Head …
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Can't make calls or texts on Android Auto through car head unit. Error message: "I'm sorry, who do you want to call/message?", "I'm sorry, I can't find that name." A…
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Why Android auto is reading my text messages in English when everything on my phone is set to french Hello everyone, I'm french, I have a galaxy s10 in french, I use Android auto in french but when I r…
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AA wont make call ,Google says "sorry i dont know how to do that yet" Hi, When I'm connected to AA and I press the car play voice button on my steering wheel to activate …
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Android Auto crashes on head unit side with Pixel 3a I got my Pixel 3a at Google I/O and so far have not been able to use it with my Alpine Halo9 ILX-F25…
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Voice commands on Android Auto no longer work Android auto used to work well but since yesterday the voice commands don’t work. I tried in my car …
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Tidal issues with android auto Here's the issue list I have just emailed to Tidal support. Assuming the issues could also be Google…
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Navigation Apps not working since the last update Since the last Android Auto update, navigation apps (Google Maps or Waze) does not work. I connect t…
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Cannot action notifications using car buttons after update to 4.5 Recently updated to v4.5.592854-release. Loving the update (mostly). Issue is that I can no longer a…
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Android auto restarting after I leave my car and unlock my phone Android auto seems to work well on my s7 edge in my VW. When I leave the car and unplug my phone, AA… No Bluetooth call audio in speakers when connected to Android Auto I have a Pioneer AHV-NEX2440. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9+ running Android Pie. When my phone is… Android Auto keeps quitting and does not work - 2019 Mercedes Benz E300 Samsung Galaxy S9, running Android version 9 on T-Mobile network. Android Auto version 4.9.594934-re…
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Android auto keeps crashing on galaxy s10 in 2018 ford escape sync3 3.0 Android auto keeps crashing on my samsung glaxy s10 in my Ford escape 2018. While playing music or u…
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