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Updated: Today
YouTube Music gets stuck on Android Auto media. Getting your selection... Since last update, YouTube Music has been experiencing intermittent issues in Android Auto. It gets …
0 Recommended Answers 22 Replies 12 Upvotes
As of October 2019, the assistant voice prompt to reply to new texts is ignored On the heels of finally resolving this debacle (https://support.google.com/androidauto/thread/338750… Android Auto is being a sarcastic b!*@# (seriously...) Starting yesterday (October 15th), Android Auto would read my Facebook messages out loud, but when i… Both maps and pandora wont work together, both crash if I try to use both. Reply text crashes too I updated, I've unplugged and unplugged, I have deleted and reinstalled each app on my phone. None o…
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
Text- talk not working when I say that I want to reply. "Cool cool" is the response and I cant reply I dont know how to fix this. Please advise ASAP as to when you will be correcting this issue. It is …
0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 6 Upvotes
When i tell it to make a call , im told sure i can help with that hit the notification tab. I've checked the settings. Not sure what is going on. Everything else works fine.
0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 0 Upvotes
How do I stop continuous notification sound when connected to car on Android Auto? While connected to my car on Android Auto, if I receive a WhatsApp, a notification sounds and then d…
0 Recommended Answers 22 Replies 33 Upvotes
[FAQ] Can’t connect or stay connected - How to diagnose/address the issue Can't connect or stay connected after completing the steps above? To better assist, please fill out …
0 Recommended Answers 130 Replies 293 Upvotes
When will the Galaxy Note 10+ work with AA Galaxy Note 10+, not supported Google Assistant - No Audio via Bluetooth Hi, I found an old topic and posted this yesterday but I can't see my post anywhere to starting agai…
0 Recommended Answers 109 Replies 91 Upvotes
Android Auto disables dark theme on Android 10 during day When I connect my Pixel 2 (Android 10) with Dark theme enabled on my car, Android Auto disables Dark…
0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 6 Upvotes
Android Auto disconnects constantly if the USB cable is bumped while driving. Other apps stay on. Because you have to use the USB cord to connect to Android Auto, I have to deal with constant discon…
0 Recommended Answers 48 Replies 136 Upvotes
Text message replies totally incorrect Since yesterday, in both of our cars, when we try to respond by voice to incoming SMS messages, Andr…
0 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 8 Upvotes
New UI - why does it default to Maps on opening? Tried to upvote a post that said what I will say but it would never post, just errored out so I'm do…
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 4 Upvotes
Is there any fix for the Android Auto yet? It's NOT the USB cable. I have followed ALL suggestions on this site as of August 30 2019. My Android Auto in my 2016 Malibu…
0 Recommended Answers 9 Replies 0 Upvotes
Android Auto stopped working with Chevy MyLink Solution to Android Auto not working with Chevy MyLink or USB is not being recognized, do the follow…
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 2 Upvotes
I cannot for the life of me get this app to stop suggesting my old home address. Help! Every time I open AA it shows my Home and Work address, as it should. But it also displays my OLD ho…
0 Recommended Answers 14 Replies 8 Upvotes
Google Maps Positioning Not Accurate Google Maps never quite works correctly when I use Android Auto. The arrow jumps around, points in t…
0 Recommended Answers 27 Replies 17 Upvotes
Auto not responding properly to my commands When I tap to have AA read me a reply, it asks do you want to reply. I use to be able to say yes and…
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
Assistant/Voice Command Not Working I can no longer use the Assistant in Android Auto. Hitting the "mic" button or saying "Hey Google" o…
0 Recommended Answers 14 Replies 21 Upvotes
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