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How do I get speed limit showing on my android auto on google maps? I live in canada How do I get speed limit to show on my Google maps on Android auto?
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Fails to launch Android Auto fails to launch or doesn't launch properly. If I open the app it does nothing, sometime…
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Why do some vehicles have split screen for music and map, while others only have one? I want to see split screen with music and map.
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Does this app work for anyone? Mine is a complete piece of s*** garbage. Goes on n off The app is a piece of garbage. You start the car sometimes it connect sometimes it doesn't. If it co…
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Android Auto had stopped working after the new update but I found a weird fix...... After the new update my car doesn't run android auto at all. After sitting in my car for ages I rece…
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Android Auto - I can never send a message, it always fails at some point Issues with messages: Error message: Almost too many to mention. I always get through the first comm… Android auto getting slow and stuck when maps and music is running together Device: Oneplus 6T Car Unit: Bosch SLDA In the case of maps (Google maps) running along with music p… Android Auto Lag Hi folks, I'm using a Huawei P20 Pro with Android 9.1 from factory and have a VW Arteon with AA on t…
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Map navigation not working properly I have a 2018 Jeep Compass, connect Android Auto thru my Galaxy S10+, starting point is okay, but as…
0 Recommended Answers 16 Replies 29 Upvotes
Waze will not consistently get a GPS lock since the last Android auto update. Google maps is not 100 Since the last Android auto update Waze does not consistently get a GPS lock. Google maps is somewha…
0 Recommended Answers 87 Replies 320 Upvotes
Android auto now only displays a blank screen on the car display when connected Within probably the last month android auto has stopped working correctly . When I connect my phone …
0 Recommended Answers 52 Replies 82 Upvotes
Voice commands on Android Auto no longer work Android auto used to work well but since yesterday the voice commands don’t work. I tried in my car …
0 Recommended Answers 60 Replies 123 Upvotes
Android Auto via the infotainment system (navigate to first name Last Name) Hi, maybe you can help me here. I use Android Auto with the built-in infotainment system of the car.…
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When is Android Auto in the official Google Play Poland store? Why is Poland treated as a "worse sort" and there is no officially available Android Auto on the Pol…
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Assistand stopper "talking" inside android auto app hello there, few days ago i noticed that when I use an assistand in android auto app (in the car -sk…
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Android auto responds with "not sure how to help with this" after any voice command I throw at it. It works on my note 8 but not my new note 9. The only thing different is the note 9 has Knox. In And… AA crashes on EVERY app cold start #Oneplus PLEASE ONLY ANSWER IF YOUR ISSUES MATCHES THE DESCRIPTION PERFECTLY. THANKS. ----- Since all the AA … New update calendar The new android auto is great, only used it yesterday. You can now play the news etc . However, when…
0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 6 Upvotes
My weather is off by about 6 degrees. It was always dead on the last 2 years. I am trying to get the right weather displayed in my car. It was always correct before. Now it shows…
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No audio on phone calls Recently I have started having an issue where callers cant hear me and I cant hear them even though …
0 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 6 Upvotes
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