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Updated: This month
AA unresponsive to phone and text message voice commands For the last 2 months or so, Android Auto has stopped responding to voice commands, specifically for…
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Voice not working with Android Auto Voice not working in my 2019 golf GTi. 'OK Google' activates but then nothing, it's like it's waitin… Command button error: "When it's safe, tap the notification" after Google Assistant disabled in AA. Error message: When it's safe, tap the notification Are you using Android Auto on your phone screen …
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Google Assistant resumes music too early when waiting for voice prompt Most of the times this happens when Google just asked me what's the text of the message. Generally s…
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Why isn't "Ok Google" working? I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this but after the recent update "Ok Google" has stopped…
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How do I stop AA from playing music while I'm trying to send a text message? Sometimes it works fine, the music turns off, I say my text, then turns on briefly then returns off …
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Would be cool if the destination search results matched what we spoke into the Assistant You know what would be cool? And I know I'm grasping for straws here expecting competence from Googl…
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tablet / autoradio Android, l 'assistente Google non fa le telefonate con la connessione attiva da tablet o autoradio android non riesco a fare le telefonate tramite l' assistente Google (non poss…
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Using Google Assistant while Music is Playing Changes Timing of Audio Hello, First I have noticed if I have music playing and call the Google Assistant, it takes it much …
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Updated: This year
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