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New Android Auto says to tap the notification to use voice feature.... I don't see a notification I'm trying to use the voice feature and it says I need to tap the notification after stopping the ca… Microphone muted so cant use voice commands yet in settings the microphone is set to on. Samsung J3 After using the app with no issues for 10 months I now cant use voice commands for navigation. On th…
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Google Assistant audio and Volume bugs. Ford sync 3 A similar issue is documented here: https://support.google.com/androidauto/thread/5462720?hl=en But …
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Android Auto send SMS gets "sorry, I'm not sure how to help" on send I want to reply or send a new SMS/RCS message via Android Auto but I keep getting error messages. I …
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App doesnt stop music when pushing the call button on the steering wheel Voice comand not replying at times. Dont know if it is calling the correct person. Radio doesnt stop…
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Can't reply to Whatsapp and Text Messages Voice commands when replying to Whatsapp and Text messages stops working. I can play incoming messag…
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following message " voice command not available at the moment" using a samsung galaxy s10 5g Uninstalled. Restarted phone and reinstalled Radio does not mute when pushing voice command button but it does when using Spotify I have a 2017 Lincoln MKZ with Sync 3 and I am having Issues I believe have arisen post updating to …
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Can voice recognition be used to share location/arrival time with a contact? I'm not seeing any recognition of 'share location', but would find this a very useful voice recognit…
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Why can't I use routines with android auto? I just try to do the normal voice comands
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