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Updated: This week
Ok/Hey google not working (again) on android auto Hello eveyone, I have had this well-known and reported issue for a couple of days now and didn't fin… Havng issue with voice commands for Google maps. For past few weeks now, whenever I connect my phone (samsung 10se) for using android auto for Google…
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Android Auto wont reply to my text messages. Says" the internet isn't strong enough at the moment" I have a Galaxy S9 + and drive a 2020 Acura TLX. Android auto worked OK until Android OS updated to …
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My Google Assistant function will not work when using android auto on my LG G8 PLEASE HELP! I have tried everything but my Google Assistant function while using my android auto in my 2016 f150…
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Android Auto won't respond to Google assistant. Issues with voice command: Error message: "when it is safe, first you must tap the notification..." …
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Why do I have to say 'Please'? I have several issues with AA, but one of the biggest problems that is more distracting than simply …
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Voice commands error message When I try using voice commands either by saying Ok Google it tapping the on-screen mic, I get the h…
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Google Assistant not Responding with Android Auto Issues with voice command: Error message: NO ERROR MESSAGE Are you using Android Auto on your phone … Voice commands not working. Voice commands have completely stopped working now. Here's the link to my previous issue:(https://su…
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google assistant not working properly I dont have this issue with every phone so before people are quick to say "it's your car not android…
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Google assistant does not transfer command into an action dispite showing that it receives command Android car runs on LG8s thinq, Androud 9, latest version of Android Auto, everything works in rhe c…
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