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Latest update breaks the "perspective" button while navigating Not sure what to call this button: it's the one that says "N" with an arrow. You push it to switch b…
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How to remove mysterious destination card I have been using the Android Auto App for about 2 years now. About 2 weeks ago, a Destination Card …
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Are there any Wx. radar functions for Waze, or Google Maps? LOOKING FOR WEATHER RADAR OVERLAY WHILE DRIVING,FOR GOOGLE MAPS Why is searched destinations taking over on my Google Maps in AA? Just recently on Google Maps in the new AA platform, it keeps showing recently searched places. I do…
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Когда будет возможность добавления Яндекс навигатора? Когда будет возможность добавить "Яндекс навигатор" в Android Auto? Как скоро? Прошу дать развернуты…
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Android auto causes Google Maps data use even if not using the map This has been reported here: https://support.google.com/androidauto/thread/14805263?msgid=14805263, …
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Android Auto - Day/Night Mode for Maps (Pixel 2 on Android 10) Hi - Experiencing an issue with Android Auto not updating to Dark Mode automatically at night time. …
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Feature request: Can there be an option put into settings to disable the spoken route numbers? Hi all, In Australia very few in any people use or ever learned route numbers for roads. I think mos…
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Android Auto update has add a report buttons! But when connected they don't show on Jeep Display? Google Map display on Jeep via USB does not have add reports button! When using Android Auto on phon…
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No longer shows upcoming calendar events on home screen Recently (couple of months?) on the AA home screen where it shows "cards" for popular locations I tr…
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